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Scarlette had her mast
dropped and rewired for a new
VHF antenna and a variety of
extra navigation lights for
safety during June and July
2009. During the mast
dropdown, the mast fell on
Cap'n J's right leg after the
wind caught it and Cap'n J tried
to grab it. Envision Wile E
Coyote catching that falling
safe. Same result. Mast
flattened Cap'n J like a deck of
cards.  Nearly a month later it
still hurts. One of the spreader
brackets broke off at the base
of the mast so the broken
spreader bracket which was
welded to the mast had to be
cut off with a grinder and a new
spreader bracket riveted back
on, too.
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Scarlette's mast hadn't seen some fresh paint in a few years.
Normally, I don't like a painted mast, but in this case light
sanding only proved that the aluminum coating was gone and
a primer base was still there. So new paint job was in order.
When the mast fell on me
one of the spreaders broke
at this joint. Delaine
rk had some extras
and riveted this on to the
Delaine Rivenbark finishes
up riveting on the spreader
joint after grinding the weld
off the broken one next to
Getting all these wires through the
mast to this point took me 2 days
to thread.
The wiring for the new VHF antenna and the anchor light
was a bear to complete. VHF coaxial cable went through
easily, but anchor light wiring had to be totally replaced
to a smaller type insulated wire after two days of
wrestling with the threading.
Sanding the paint off of Scarlette's mast took
about four days. A good primer was still on it
so I standed only down to the primer.
CLOSEUP: Sanding this part took several
Long shot of Scarlette's
repainted mast. The mast is 30
feet and two inches long from
top to bottom. Not sure how
much it weighs.
The wiring for the steaming
light and deck light took me
about a half day to wire.
Freshly painted top of the mast sits on the ground. I simply
spray painted the mast with Rustoleum White Gloss paint.
INSET: Some chipping did occur in flipping the mast over.
Problem solved with another shot of spray paint. This mast
is heavier than normal J/24 mast.
The mount was
stainless steel
and I didn't want
to sand it any
despite the look
of some minor
New anchor light
installed on old VHF
mount. Had to drill a few
extra holes to make this
cheap solution work.
Adding an anchor light wasn't absolutely
necessary. The new VHF antenna was what was
really needed. Since the mast down for rewiring I
added the anchor light. The only time it will be
used is when I'm anchored off some coast at
night. Since this will be rare, power for the light
will be 8 C-Cell batteries.
Steaming light wires
were tough to set up
because they were so
thick. Had to remove
and rewire this one
time when solderless
fittings came apart.
The wiring for this steaming light and deck light
had to be parallel. Since I didn't always want
the lights to both be on at the same time I had
to run two separate wires. The steaming light
was the necessary light here as Scarlette
didn't have this mandatory light for nighttime
navigation under motor power.
Fully installed
steaming light and
deck light combo.
Test this light but
have yet to
complete all wiring.
2009 Repairs: Mast painting and lights install project