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During the 2009 stepdown
Scarlette's mast, I
noticed that mast boot
basically was allowing
water into the cabin. The
seal wasn't holding. Since I
already had the $7 a/tube
Sekaflex out knowing it
would dry out if I didn't use
it all, I decided to try to seal
the mast boot with the
remaining Sekaflex from
the main hatch repair.
Here's how that went.
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2009 Repairs: Mast boot gets resealed with Sekaflex
PHOTO 1: I started at the back of the mast were the mast boot had separated the farthest
from the former seal. I tried to put as mush sealant on as this was a nothing to lose fix.
PHOTO 2: After I globbed as much sealant
on as possible I took a piece of cardboard
paper and smoothed the Sekaflex a little.
The result still looks like some kind of cake
with frosting.
PHOTO 3: Same as other shots. The white
sealant on the mast above the mast boot
was extra I put on there to cover some of the
top portion of the boot.