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Scarlette's berthing
cushions needed to be
replaced as they had a
slight mildew but the price
for replacement cushions
online consistently
averaged $1,000. A price
way above what I was
willing to pay. Then I found
out about a local
apholsterer that could do
the job for half that price
and he could make them to
my color taste.
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2009 Upgrade: Custom cushions complete
PHOTO 1: The old cushions in the V-berth were brown, made of cloth and smelled slightly of
mildew like the inside of an old tent. I had removed the cushion covers and washed them but
a slight mildew smell still remained.  
PHOTO 2: At the front of the starboard
berth you can see where the cushion is
mismatched to the berth. The cushions were
also worn out.
PHOTO 3: The port-side berth cushion was
in the same condition as the starboard
berth cushion. Both cushions were highly
PHOTO 4: The starboard
side cushion in the V-berth
was a little large so I had to
have the upholster to recut
the foam inside this
cushion to get it to fit better.
PHOTO 5: The cushions in
the forward berth area are
a lot thicker now, with a
vinyl type material with
white pipping.
PHOTO 6: The port-side
V-berth cushion fit a little
bit better but was still a
little oversized. Not an easy
make inside such a small
PHOTO 7: The upholsterer from Shirai Sofa near Gate 1
at Kadena Air Base came back out to make some minor
adjustements to the cushions to ensure a better fit.
PHOTO 11: The finished look of the
starboard side bench/berth area.
PHOTO 8: The custom-fit
cushions in the v-berth were
cut to wrap around the mast  
inside the berthing area that
can sleep two adults.
PHOTO 9: The finished look of
the V-berth cushion area
inside Scarlette.
PHOTO 12: The finished look of the port
side bench/berth area.
PHOTO 10: The bench berths/seating areas in
Scarlette are sized to fit a lot better and the cushions
are also thicker.