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Scarlette's lifelines were
netless and I wanted to put
something on the sides of
the boat to keep the boys
on the boat instead of in
the water, so up went the
nets but the process of
putting something simple
like nets on the boat
became a tedious and
labor intensive project as I
wanted the nets to look
sharp since they were
going to stay permanently
on the boat.
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2009 Upgrade: Safety nets added to lifelines
PHOTO 2: The net installation began on Jan. 19, 2009 and
didn't get finished for a couple of weeks as the process was
slow and tedious.
PHOTO 3: Kai cuts strings
to set up the net for
installation. Kai spent about
five hours on Jan. 19, 2009
helping me put the nets on.
PHOTO 10: After the net is secured to the port
side of the ship, Second Mate Kai does a "safety"
test to ensure kids like him can't slip through the
PHOTO 6: Nets on the starboard
side hang loose as the set up for
something as inane as netting
became a major undertaking to get it
to look properly.
PHOTO 5: A look from the boom of the boat
shows the taught nets on the port side and the
loose nets on the starboard side.
PHOTO 4: The port-side of the boat with the newly installed
net. The idea is to help keep the kids on the boat instead of
in the water.
PHOTO 7: The small strings along the top of the
net at setup strings for installation. One of the
reasons why net installation took so long was
getting proper tension pulled on the net.
PHOTO 8: I left space on the pulpit
to allow for an anchor to be passed
through the bow.
PHOTO 1: Scarlette rests against the dock at Kadena Marina without any nets on her life
lines. My Christmas present in 2008 was nets for Scarlette.