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Question #1
What should I wear or bring aboard Scarlette?

SUN SCREEN        
Please bring your own sunscreen. Even if it's an overcast day, make sure you have
sunscreen. Wait until after the Before Sailing Briefing alongside
Scarlette before you apply
your sunscreen. Also remember to apply sun screen if you remove clothing that will expose
your skin to the sun. Remember:
Scarlette's the only one that should come back to port red.

Put your clothes on in the following order.
1. Bathing suit. (If you plan on going swimming).
2. Pants or shorts.
3. Short sleeve shirt.
4. Long sleeve shirt.
5. Windbreaker.
6. An old hat. (Don't wear your favorite hat in case it goes overboard).
7. Sunglasses.
8. A small back pack to keep your items in.

Although water will be available aboard Scarlette to wash hands and for drinking. Captain J
asks you to bring your own drinks...with at least one bottle of water up to 1 liter per person. A
cooler is available aboard
Scarlette so you don't need to bring a cooler unless it's for your
beer or to store your caught fish. Sorry, but Captain J doesn't drink alcohol while underway.
Passengers are welcome and encouraged to partake in their favorite beverages, however, if
they aren't sea sick.

I have loads of Dramamine and motion sickness pills. You can take your own if you'd like. I
have it if you need it. That's one reason for the 30 minute show time before launch.The
dramamine I have will make you drowsy after the trip. You feel like you went 9 rounds with
Mohammed Ali. Or are you just getting old?

Passengers may bring food aboard. The amount of food you'll need is based on the length of
your trip. If it's a two hour trip, you don't even need food. But if it's more than that you may
want to consider bringing a sandwich and light snacks like fruit, crackers or potato chips. On
overnight trips, we'll use a portable grill or propane stove to cook breakfast, lunch and dinner.
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