Question #2
How long will we be on the water aboard Scarlette?
Local weather will ultimately determine our trip length. If conditions on the South China Sea
warrant a return to port,
Scarlette will return to port irregardless of any previous trip length

Scarlette is available for several types of cruises. Please click on the cruises link below to see
the normal trip lengths. All times are based on the
about concept. If you plan a trip for four
hours tell someone you're going out for six hours to avoid any "home hassles."

There is an old adage aboard sailing ships, "There are no promises aboard a sailboat."

Translation: Captain J isn't Mussolini trying to make the trains run on an exact schedule. A
myriad of things can happen on a sailing ship which could cause us to get off schedule.
However, Captain J does like to keep to a set schedule as much as is humanly possible,

Scarlette will need passengers to e-mail the following to Captain J at least two days in
advance of your trip so he can add it to the float plan that is filed with the local marina before
every trip:

1. Full name.
2. Age.
3. Emergency contact telephone number.