Frequently Asked Questions

Scarlette is currently home ported at
Kadena Marina, a private, Air
Force-operated marina located on the
west coast of Okinawa, Japan along the
South China Sea.

Scarlette was formerly named Mental
Floss and has had several American
owners throughout her history.
Scarlette's makeover
Crew information
According to paperwork left aboard, Roy J. Howard and Paul T. Matier signed a contract for
joint ownership of Mental Floss on Oct. 7, 2000 agreeing to a 50% ownership for each of the
boat valued at $12,000.

On May 23, 2005, a special power of attorney was issued to Nicholas G. Rutgers IV
appointing a friend to operate, maintain, use, register, sell and otherwise care for Mental

Between May 2005 and May 2008, DeLane Rivenbank was at least one of the American
owners of Mental Floss. "The guy I bought it from is still in Okinawa if you have any
questions," wrote former owner John Hecker in a May 2008 e-mail.

On May 21, 2008, a special power of attorney was issued to John D. Hecker appointing a
friend to sell, bargain, and convey all right, title and interest in Mental Floss.

Scarlette was bought on May 30, 2008 by its current skipper -- Captain J. "Mental Floss was
just a little too zen for me," said Captain J. "I wanted her to have a name that was a little more
classic and befit her obvious color. Likewise, Scarlette O'Hara is one of the main characters
from the book
Gone with the Wind, which aptly fits consideration for a name for a sailboat."

Local memory concludes that the boat was originally Japanese owned and home ported at
Ginowan Harbor on Okinawa.

It is not known how long
Scarlette has been home ported at Kadena Marina but former
ownership paperwork has her homeported out of there at least since the start of the