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Scarlette Before and After
gets a lot of
performed on her
during the summer.

In 2008 she
underwent a partial
remake and refit
from June to
August. Among the
fixes were a repair
to the port side
underbelly where
there was a hole; a
total repaint below
the water line,
replacement of all
of the running
rigging; change out
of the lower
standing rigging on
both port and
starboard sides, an
addition of a new 5
horse power
Yamaha outboard
engine, a life sling
system, a new VHF
radio and a remote
global position
satellite system.

In 2009, her mast
was refurbished
and added several
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-- Hole in the hull
-- Main hatch changes
-- Rudder repaint
-- Bottom repaint
-- Name change
-- Radio change out
-- Main hatch repair
-- Mast refurbishment
-- Mast boot reseal
-- Cushion upgrade
-- Nets on lifelines

-- Deck repair
-- New Wind vane
-- Trailer overhaul
navigation lights for
night sailing, and she
received a set of
brand new
cushions for all the
berthing areas as well
as an annual bottom

A backup hand-held
submersible VHF radio
and several 12" x 18"
flags were also