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Scarlette was formerly known as Mental
Floss. The name was just too Zen for me plus
anytime a boat switches owners it's likely to
get a name change.
Scarlette was no
First had to remove the old name that was
essentially a sticker. Then a cut out a stencil
after getting a logo designed by Banji a
graphic designer friend of mine. Taped the
logo on the side of
Scarlette and spray
painted the name in white.
Then I used white Marine paint to make the
name a little more permanent. It looks a little
rough up close but looks fine from a distance.
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-- Hole in the hull.
Main hatch changes
-- Rudder repaint
-- Bottom repaint
-- Name change
-- Mast Refurbishment
-- Radio change out
--  Nets on lifelines.
-- Trailer overhaul.