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Scarlette's VHF radio
didn't work when I
purchased her, so a radio
swap out was necessary.
So I replaced the old
radio with a West Marine
VHF650 Class D DSC
VHF Radio. I also have
purchased a 35' VHF
Coaxial Radio Kit and a
Shakespeare 15-inch
Racing Antenna. However
the antenna won't be
installed until I step the
mast next spring or
summer and add
additional navigation
lights to her.

Scarlette also has a
Kenwood CD player and
the gear plugged into the
cigarette lighter is a solar
panel that helps recharge
her batteries.
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-- Hole in the hull.
Main hatch changes
-- Rudder repaint
-- Bottom repaint
-- Name change
-- Mast Refurbishment
-- Radio change out
--  Nets on lifelines.
-- Trailer overhaul.