Scarlette's Sunday Sunrise Trip #1
North buoy
Light winds with a slight chop. Small short period
wind waves.
Winds: W 7 to 9 knots
Seas: ENE 3 feet at 8 sec.

South buoy   
Light winds with a slight chop. Small short period
wind waves.
Winds: W 9 to 12 knots
Seas: ENE 4 feet at 8 sec.  
Sea forecast
Winds: West at 5-10 knots
Weather forecast: Partly cloudy
Temperature forecast:
High of 88 degrees Fahrenheit
Low of 75 degrees Fahrenheit
Weather forecast
Tidal  forecast
Sunrise: 6:23 a.m.
Low @ 3:59 a.m.
High @ 10:35 a.m.
Scheduled launch time for Scarlette:
7 a.m.
Actual launch time:
7:20 a.m.
Scheduled return time for Scarlette:
10 a.m.
Actual return time: noon
Length of trip: 23.7 miles;
Avg. Speed: 4.34 knots per hour.
Scheduled trip destination: Cape Zanpa
Captain J – Skipper
"Tokyo Tony" Robinson -- Helmsman/Deck hand
Kenny Yergler -- Helmsman/Deck hand
Tokyo Tony takes the helm of Scarlette Oct. 5 with deckhand
Kenny Yergler during Scarlette's first Sunday Sunrise trip to
Cape Zanpa.
Cape Zanpa on the west coast of Okinawa.
  Awesome weather was
in store for a crew
aboard Scarlette, Oct. 5,
as three teachers in
Okinawa placed their
fates to the wind to travel
to Cape Zanpa on the
west coast of Okinawa to
get a glimpse of the light
house and cliffs near the
popular dive and tourist
 The crew made decent
time travelling north at
about 5 knots but the
return trip had the
skipper fire up the engine
as westerly winds kept
pushing Scarlette from
the shores of an island
known as the keystone
of the Pacific.
Helmsman Kenny Yergler eyes
the west coast of Okinawa
during the northern leg of the trip
to Cape Zanpa.
Captain J poses for a picture off the coast of Cape Zanpa. The
light house can be seen over the left shoulder of Captain J.
Kenny Yergler steers Scarlette as she heels slightly during the
Tokyo Tony smiles after a successful voyage to
Cape Zanpa.
Tokyo Tony and Captain J relax during the long
south leg of the voyage that had Scarlette nearly
3 miles out to sea.